Pets Key to Kids' Development

Posted On : 02-07-2018

"Pet ownership boosts social skills and self esteem in children, according to a new study.  Owning a pet helps emotional development, particularly by improving confidence and reducing feelings of loneliness.  The critical ages where the biggest impacts are seen appear to be in children under six, and those over ten.

Lead author of the study, Rebecca Purewal, believed that pets .....

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That Christmas Puppy May Endanger Your Welfare!

Posted On : 01-12-2017

Puppies are a popular gift at Christmas.  Animal welfare groups warn against this for good reason.  Puppy mills undoubtedly gear up their operations for the festive season rush.  And then there are always a minority of owners who abandon the puppy the following Easter when it's no longer cute and interferes with their holiday plans.  But one veterinarian warns a hastily .....

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Genetic Testing by Breeders - Value and Limitations

Posted On : 15-07-2015

If you're on the hunt for a good breeder for your next puppy, and haven't been living under a rock, you are probably aware of the considerable risk of genetic illness faced by owners of purebreds.  Undoubtedly it is a big problem, and its getting worse. And its  not just affected dogs that suffer  but also, of course, their owners - emotionally and financially.& .....

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Why Dogs are Abandoned

Posted On : 31-03-2015

Why does the dog:owner relationship sometimes fail? Where do shelter dogs come from?  And who is to blame?  

It’s a big problem for society and animal welfare in general, distressing and disappointing for the owners involved, and often means a death sentence for the dogs.  Aside from that, it’s also an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others so w .....

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The Benefits of Owning a Dog

Posted On : 17-02-2015

Dogs are the most popular pet on the planet and it is not surprising that they were the first animal to ever be incorporated into human society, many thousands of years before any other.  The latest genetic research has pushed this date back by 6000 years earlier than previously thoughts.  Scientists have recently analyzed the mitochondrial DNA of 18 prehistoric wolf- and dog-like ani .....

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