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Pets Key to Kids' Development

Posted On : 02-07-2018

"Pet ownership boosts social skills and self esteem in children, according to a new study.  Owning a pet helps emotional development, particularly by improving confidence and reducing feelings of loneliness.  The critical ages where the biggest impacts are seen appear to be in children under six, and those over ten.

Lead author of the study, Rebecca Purewal, believed that pets .....

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That Christmas Puppy May Endanger Your Welfare!

Posted On : 01-12-2017

Puppies are a popular gift at Christmas.  Animal welfare groups warn against this for good reason.  Puppy mills undoubtedly gear up their operations for the festive season rush.  And then there are always a minority of owners who abandon the puppy the following Easter when it's no longer cute and interferes with their holiday plans.  But one veterinarian warns a hastily .....

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